2024 (Term 1): Character 

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10 March – Church Camp, Finlay Park

31 March – National Conference, Hamilton

Week Serving Team Lesson Title Main Focus
4 Feb Team 2








An accurate person does things with care so that they can be correct in details. An accurate
person gives accurate information and provides a faithful representation of someone or
 11 Feb


Team 3








A diligent person is someone who works hard in a careful and thorough way. They do not just
do the minimum to complete the job. They do things in a scheduled way to finish on time and
do the best job possible.
18 Feb Team 4 H803L


To have endurance is to be able to continue doing something for a long time without quitting
or giving up. To have endurance is to have the ability to deal with suffering and hardships
that continue for a long time.
25 Feb



Team 1








A careful person is someone who makes the effort to do something correctly, safely, and without
causing damage. We need to be careful when we are playing outside or when we are using
certain objects. We need to show care when working on a project or doing a job. We need to
exercise care when entrusted with various responsibilities.
3 Mar  

Team 2










To have self-control is to have control over our actions, feelings and words. Self-control is
choosing to do what is right even when we don’t feel like it.
17 Mar




Team 3









A strict person is someone who can obey rules without the help of others. We need to be
strict with our behaviour even when our parents are not around. We need to be strict
whether we like it or not, whether it’s easy or hard, and whether it’s convenient or not. We
need to be strict with ourselves but lenient towards others.
24 Mar Team 4 H807L A calm person is quiet and peaceful in their mind and emotions. A calm person does not react
quickly to things nor get overly excited or disappointed. They do not believe rumours, and
they have a calming effect on others
7 Apr Team 1  




Single-minded people can focus on one task at a time until it is completed. They maintain their
concentration on a matter for as long as needed and are not easily distracted. They learn to set a
goal and focus their attention and effort until the goal is reached.
14 Apr Team 2  





Content people are pleased and satisfied with the things they have and do not demand more or
complain. Furthermore, they are willing to give to others rather than requiring or wanting more
for themselves.