2023 (Term 3-4)

Human Relationships

Week Serving Team Lesson Title Main Focus
17 Sep Team 1






God made man with a mouth so that man could speak; this makes man different from the animals. Because we have been created with the ability to communicate through words, we
need to be careful with the words we use. Man can use his mouth for praying, praising, thanking God and speaking to others about God. Our mouth should be used for speaking these things, instead of negative things.
24 Sep

(School Holidays)

Team 2









God made man with ears for listening. We should be careful in whom and what we choose to
listen to. It is important to be one who can listen accurately to instructions and follow them,
especially to God’s word.
1 Oct

(School Holidays)


Team 3



Genuine (True)


A person who is genuine does not hide any wrongdoing. They do not pretend to be something they are not, even if others may not accept them for who they are. We need to be genuine in the way we live and speak with others. To be genuine is to be true or real and to not do anything with pretense.
8 Oct



Team 4



Not Rebellious



To not be rebellious is to obey and not go against what we are told to do. We should obey our parents and the authorities because they are given to us by God. Having a healthy fear of God
helps us to be not rebellious.
15 Oct  

Team 1









Humble people are not proud and do not boast about their attainments. They are willing to follow and learn from others and also, to help others. They do not think more highly of themselves than of others. A humble person does not rank himself or herself higher than
22 Oct

(ITERO, some brothers away)



Team 2








To repent (to be sorry) is to accept that something you have done is wrong. When we do something wrong, we should apologise and not be stubborn about it. We should repent for
improper thoughts and intentions of our heart.
29 Oct

(Intermediates’ camp, some families and serving ones away)

Team 3 H631L


To be generous is to be giving and kind. We do it cheerfully! We should earnestly desire to give to others, not desiring to receive from others. The way God’s people handle possessions is to
give and not to hoard.
5 Nov Team 4 H632L

Not Jealous



To be jealous is to feel envious of others because of what they have or have achieved – we may feel resentful of another’s success. We should not be jealous when someone gets more attention than us or is better than us at something. Inward jealousy may lead to evil action. We should deal with every jealous feeling we have towards others.
12 Nov Team 1 H633L





To be compassionate is to understand how another person feels and to show concern for that person. God is compassionate toward us in His love, and we need to have compassion for others.